sam gosper – the director

Sam has always loved the action.

Growing up in Western Sydney, Sam certainly fulfilled Fairfield Council’s motto of ‘celebrating diversity’, when In 2010 he co-founded Sydney’s stunt team 9LIVES. This ensemble featured members of all races and gender, training in martial arts, parkour and dancing.

Unbeknownst to him, this became his modern proving ground and ignited a passion for action film-making.

Sam started experimenting with film tests whilst the business conducted promo work for Hollywood blockbusters such as GI JOE, Retaliation, and stunt work for films such as Kingsmen: Secret Service. 

Finally burdened by his desire to see his passions combined, in 2015 Sam directed and produced ‘Hunt for Hiroshi’ a noir action short film that brought to life his vision to the internet whilst working as a full-time Sales Manager. Audiences around the world immediately connected with the kinetic visual style displayed, and confirmed Sam had a unique eye for action.

In 2016 Sam travelled to the Cannes Film Festival, with Hunt for Hiroshi being accepted into the Short Film Corner. Here he commenced networking and learning the higher levels of the film business, to continue his development and growth as a filmmaker.

In 2017 Sam was accepted as one of twenty finalists into the Lexus Short Film Fellowship, and an opportunity to premiere his next short at the Sydney Film Festival. The short was also officially selected to screen at TCL Chinese Cinemas for the 13th Hollyshorts film festival in August.

His next mission is to produce his next high quality film in collaboration with leading industry professionals he has connected with during his journey.

“For me, action films can be a great way to communicate the blending of culture, diversity, gender and other themes I’ve experienced in modern Australia, to entertain and unite audiences”.