Fearless Variety Stunt Show

Acrobatics – Dance – Fire – Stunts – Circus    BOOKING ENQUIRY

Duration: 15 min -30 min
Performers: 5 – 8
Event Suitability: Concerts, Major Event Opening Acts, TV performance, Corporate, Festivals
High Energy – High Impact – this family friendly variety showcase incorporates unified dance routines, circus stunts and the very best choreographed acrobatics in Australia.

Spectacular routines combine with high energy agility, with optional pyrotechnics and special effect elements.

Standard Inclusions:

  • Balancing chairs – Circus (can be removed)
  • Dance routines- Hip-Hop and Contemporary
  • Adagio Routines- Couple Strength Holds
  • Acrobatics – Synchronised Routines
  • Calisthenics Pole routines
  • Fire Acts- Fire breathing, twirling, skin tracing, fire eating and stunts (can be removed)
  • Audience Participation Section- Comedic and Acrobatics
  • Human Towers- Stacked performers with balancing

Optional Special Effects:

We routinely combine our spectacular special effects for an even more dazzling display to the show. Having worked at every major venue, we can clear most risk assessments and liaise with the venue on your behalf for approvals.

  • Firework Sparkulars: 2 – 8 , remotely triggered, indoor approved
  • Confetti Guns: Fired by Performers or Client
  • Co2 Guns: Fired by Performers or Client